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Welcome! I’m Dr. Lauren Foster, and I’m a board certified veterinary nutritionist located in the Austin, Texas area.
I am here to help you and your clients with all your challenging nutrition dilemmas!
Examples of the types of consultations I provideIcon box image

Individual homemade diet formulations for the nutritional management of medical condition(s) where a commercial diet is not available or not accepted by the pet

Therapeutic commercial diet recommendations for the nutritional management of medical condition(s)

Well pet commercial diet recommendations or homemade diet formulations for owners who choose to homecook

Weight loss plans for overweight and obese pets

Critical care and assisted feeding (tube feeding) plans

Phone consultations for clients with questions regarding feeding their healthy pets 

Please NoteIcon box image

I do not recommend commercial raw products or formulate homemade raw diets for any patient
I do not formulate homemade diet recipes during growth unless there is a medical reason to do so
If your client is requesting either of these types of consultations, please refer to the diplomate directory available at to find a veterinary nutritionist who can help your client

How to consult with meIcon box image

If you have a product or diet question or a question about the nutritional management of one of your canine or feline patients, feel free to email or call me directly. 


If your client is in need of a formal consultation in which written recommendations are provided, please direct them to this website to visit the information for owners section. Please request they read through this section and the consultation fees section before completing the consultation form on my website. This should help to answer most questions they may have about the consultation process. Please inform your clients that a typical, although variable, lead time for appointment scheduling is 4-6 weeks.   

For consultations with the client, I will require:

1. Nutrition consultation form. This is submitted online by the client. 

2. Veterinary referral form. The link for this form is sent to you by the client after they have submitted the consultation form

3. All pertinent medical records including a CBC, serum chemistry, T4 and urinalysis performed within the last 6 months

Once completed following the appointment with the client, the nutritional plan is emailed back to you as the referring veterinarian for your review and records for the pet. This is required for remote consulting, as a valid VCPR is not established between myself and the client.