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Welcome! I am glad you are here seeking proper nutritional advice for your furry loved one!
Please note, I provide veterinary nutritional consulting for canines and felines only.

Examples of the types of consultations I provideIcon box image

Individual homemade diet recipe(s) for the nutritional management of medical condition(s) where a commercial diet is not available or not accepted by the pet

Therapeutic commercial diet recommendations for the nutritional management of medical condition(s)

Well-pet commercial diet recommendations or homemade diet recipe(s) for those who choose to cook at home for their pet

Weight loss plans for overweight and obese pets

Phone consultations for general questions regarding feeding your healthy pet, including feeding during specific life stages

How to consult with meIcon box image

Nutritional recommendations for pets with any medical condition(s) are intended to treat or manage disease(s) and are part of the medical treatment plan. In order to provide remote consultations for pets with medical conditions, I must work with your primary care veterinarian, the veterinarian who has an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) with you and your pet. This is required both by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and state laws and regulations and is not optional. This ensures that your pet’s health status and medical needs are clearly known to me so that I can provide the best nutritional advice for your pet.

To proceed with a consultation, the following are required:

1. Nutrition consultation form. You can begin this form by clicking here

2. Veterinary referral form. You’ll receive a link to forward to your veterinarian after completing the nutrition consultation form

3. All pertinent medical records including a CBC, chemistry, T4 and urinalysis performed within the last 6 months. These are provided by your veterinarian

4. It is your responsibility to ensure all required medical records and other relevant items are submitted promptly

Once we have received the above, and you’ve paid for consultation fees, Dr. Foster will reach out via phone or email with any questions we may have. If you have any questions at any point during the process, please call or email. A nutritional plan is formulated and emailed back to your primary care veterinarian (or the referring veterinarian) for their review prior to emailing the plan to you.


Frequently Asked QuestionsIcon box image

What if I don't know if I want to feed homemade or over the counter?

If you're unsure of your pet's nutritional needs, and whether a homemade or commercial diet is best, Dr. Foster will make a recommendation for you.

How much is a consultation?

Consultation fees vary based on the specific needs of your pet and the type of consultation requested. For instance, if you request a homemade diet recipe be created for your pet, this can increase the cost of your consultation. Please see the case examples above for an idea of what these costs may be.

How will a remote consultation work?

Dr. Foster is available to consult over the phone, through email, or through video conference if you prefer. Dr. Foster will coordinate with you on the best way to communicate.

If I have questions about my homemade diet recipe, do I ask my regular vet or Dr. Foster?

If you have any questions related to your nutrition recommendation, including questions about homemade diet recipes, please reach out to Dr. Foster.

What if I want a different homemade diet?

Dr. Foster can re-formulate your homemade diet recipe if you request it for an additional fee.

How long will it take to get my nutritional plan?

Once Dr. Foster receives all required information, including the nutrition form, vet referral form, and relevant medical records, and you've paid the costs of consultation, formulation of a nutrition plan typically takes 48-72 hours.

How many recipes do I get with a homemade diet?

One nutritionally complete recipe is included with your initial consultation fee. Additional recipes incur additional fees. Ingredient substitution would require re-formulation and would also incur additional fees.

Do you offer raw food diet recommendations?

Dr. Foster does not formulate nutritional plans for pets including raw food items. If you'd like to get a nutritional plan for your pet that includes raw food items, please visit the diplomate directory to find a vet who provides plans including raw food items.

Do you offer vegan/vegetarian diet recommendations?

Dr. Foster does offer vegan/vegetarian diet recommendations for canine patients only. Dr. Foster does not offer vegan/vegetarian diet recommendations for feline patients.

What if my pet won't eat the diet that was recommended by Dr. Foster?

This would require formulation of your nutritional plan and would incur additional fees.