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ALL new nutrition consultations begin with an initial consultation fee of $195 per pet. This fee includes a complete review of the information provided in the required forms and the pet’s medical records and our communications prior to the development of the nutritional plan. Once the appointment is scheduled, this fee is non-refundable. Thereafter, consultation fees will vary depending on the request and the needs of the pet. 

  • Commercial diet recommendations: additional fee of $200 
  • Homemade diet recipe (1 recipe): additional fee of $300; Ingredient substitutions and additional homemade diet recipes incur additional fees.  
  • These costs include a detailed nutritional plan for your pet that is emailed to you and to your primary care veterinarian following our appointment. 
  • One follow up, typically email, but can be scheduled by phone to answer any initial questions you may have or address any concerns and is included in the initial consultation fees. Thereafter recheck fees are billed for ongoing consultation needs. 
  • If you need a more detailed quote for your consultation, please email me. 
  • Payment for all consultations is due prior to scheduling the consultation. 

Fee Case ExamplesIcon box image

Case Example 1 - Disease Management

Your dog with renal disease requires a homemade diet recipe. The total consultation fee is $495. You also request a protein and/or carbohydrate substitution. An additional $80 fee applies for the ingredient substitutions.

Case Example 2 - Multiple Pets

You have two otherwise healthy dogs and are requesting one homemade diet recipe for both. The total consultation fee for pet #1 is $495. IF the same recipe is formulated for both dogs, the total consultation fee for pet #2 is $395 ($195 + $200 for the additional pet’s nutritional plan). If the same recipe cannot be used for both dogs, the consultation fees for one homemade diet recipe apply to both pets. If you are requesting consultation for more than one pet, a nutrition consultation form will need to be completed for EACH PET.

Case Example 3 - Healthy Pet

You have an otherwise healthy dog, and would like to discuss general well pet nutrition via a 30-minute phone consultation. The cost for the consultation is $195. This does NOT include review of the pet's medical records OR a written nutritional plan (commercial diet recommendations or a homemade diet recipe). This is simply a phone consultation to answer general nutrition questions.